Teacher Expectations

I did something crazy today.

I discussed my expectations for student behavior in class, my 6 P’s: Prompt, prepared, participate, produce, polite and positive. We talked about what each meant and what they needed to do to meet those expectations. You know, standard first week of school stuff.

Then, the twist. I asked them their expectations for a good teacher. It started with asking them to write down that they expected from a good teacher. Then, they got up out of their seats and walked around the room, sharing with other people who were not at their table. Then, they came back to their and narrowed their lists to the top six most important things.

One students pops in with, “do you actually care what we think or is this just busy work?” And for a moment, the realization that this was how they had been made to feel…as if their teachers didn’t care about their voices, that was the moment of realization. This was an important activity for them, as long as they could be assured it was authentic. And I assured him I did care. How could I meet their needs in my classroom if I didn’t know what it was they needed.

I think it is going to be a good year…

Click to see some responses…TeacherExpectationsBlock4


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