Peer Revision Read Aloud

When kids write, they struggle with hearing the mistakes when they read to themselves and they are a wee bit too self conscious to read it out loud on their own. This strategy allowed them to hear their writing.

The strategy was simple. They brought their piece of writing to the table with three areas they feel they need help/feedback. They were allowed to choose a partner with whom they felt comfortable enough to give and receive criticism and feedback. They spread out in the library, finding a space where they could read to one another and talk without distracting others. (As you can see, some sat closer to others, but it worked, so who am I to judge?) Then, they take turns…reading the other persons paper to the one another.

The process of having someone read your writing to you allowed the kids to hear where they had accidentally omitted a word, where sentences droned on or were cut short, where ideas were out of order, or where they had used “naughty words,” statements like “I’m going to tell you about,” or “I think.” Did it fix all their problems in their writing, like organization? No, but it solved a lot of them.



IMG_7481IMG_7476 IMG_7477


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