Four Corners and Gallery Walk

Overview: As an anticipatory activity, students were given a series of statements about gender and had to go to the corner that best stated their personal opinion about the topic. This served as an introduction to the theme of our unit. To begin developing a historical context for this theme, students participated in a gallery walk, which allowed them to see a series of images and quotes to create observations, inferences, connections and analysis. Once back in the class, they compared and contrasted what they say to develop a theory about what we would discuss in this unit and how it would tie in to our guiding question, “Should art and literature be used to address social issues?”


Students are beginning a new unit. The guiding question is “Should art and literature be used to address social issues?” Students will read a series of short fiction, drama, and poetry to discuss the ways in which authors have used their voice to discuss the roles of women in society and speak out against the oppression of women.  We started with a four corners activity, where students read the statement on the board and went to one of four corners: Strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree. Once there, they spoke to the others in their corner for just a minute to discuss why they all went where they went. Then, students were invited to share out with the class.

After this activity, we participated in a gallery walk. In the halls, I hung a  variety of images and quotes for students to examine. They recorded observations, inferences, connections and analysis on chart. Once this was done, they reported back to their groups to compare/contrast what they had seen and develop and idea of what themes were emerging about the traditional roles of women in American society.



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