Mini Literature Circles and TodaysMeet revisited

Overview: Students read “The Chrysanthemums” by John Steinbeck prior to coming to class, using ActivelyLearn. Mini literature circles were created to help facilitate discussion. TodaysMeet was used to allow interaction and discussion between the smaller lit circles.


Students were grouped and roles defined. Studentsdetermined who would fulfill each role. Guided questions were assigned and students used their annotations from the previous night to aid their discussions. (Find the roles and guiding questions, here).

Students worked in small groups to discuss the questions. Once a consensus was reached, the “reporter” posted it to TodaysMeet in 140 characters or less. TodaysMeet was projected for all to see. I was able to monitor group answers and probe for clarification, assess understanding and direct students to show textual evidence and elaborate, as necessary. Students were also able to see what their classmates said and then revise or elaborate on another groups answers. .




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