End of Year Reflections

I’m going to put myself WAY out there. I surveyed my kids at the end of the year and I asked them to evaluate me.

There were a series of questions about their perceptions of the learning environment, their experience in class, and their relationship with me as their teacher.  I asked them to respond using a Likert-scale with no neutral option. Their responses, while hard to swallow sometimes, were real and their feedback at the end has really helped me know myself better and grow as a teacher. Seventh graders won’t lie to spare your feelings in these situations. They don’t mince their words. You have to have tough skin to even ask these questions, and if you are willing to listen, there feedback can be very useful. I want to share their responses about me, because I know asking kids what they think can be scary. I want others to know it can also be amazing and insightful to really consider the perceptions of your students…and a powerful tool to present to your administrators when it comes time for that yearly evaluation! Evidence of your reflective practice!

(On a side note, using a Google Form combined with the Likert-scale and one box for comments made evaluating their responses super easy. Once on the spread sheet, I just pulled the summary of responses which made nice and neat charts for me to review and there was a scroll through box of their comments at the end. A link to the Google Form is also linked at the bottom. )

So, here is my data. Take a peek. See, how honest kids can be!



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