Dry Erase Contact Paper: An Experiment

I had this bright idea to paint my tables with chalk paint or dry erase paint effectively turning them in to another tool in my classroom for students to use in the processing of information and skills. Initially, my thinking was it could be used for group brainstorming. The possibilities are endless though, across more than just my subject area.

I had $50 to spend through http://www.adoptaclassroom.org and I thought this would be a great use of the money. I received my package on Friday and installed it after school. The first table I did, I cut it right to the size of the top of the table. I quickly realized immediately that this wasn’t going to work. Kids are going to pick it along the edge of the table. For the other tables, I cut about an extra 1.5″ and wrapped it under the table. I also bought some white duct tape to secure my first table at the edges, but to also reinforce the wrapped tables, as well. I’m excited to try it out with the kids!

IMG_0179 IMG_0182


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