Teacher Expectations

I did that thing again, where I ask students to brainstorm with their groups and come up with six expectations of a great teacher. I told them what I expected of them. I told them what they needed to do to be successful. Now it was their turn to tell me what they expected, what they needed from me to learn.


Since this is my second year doing it, I realized that what my kids came up with last year wasn’t unique to them. Kids need the same things from their teacher and they are pretty vocal when it comes to whether or not they feel those needs are met. I posted about this last school year, and how the kids really needed to know they had a voice. They also wanted to know if it was authentic. I didn’t get those kinds of questions this year, but that may be because I addressed it outright. Their responses are so insightful. I always prompt them to tell me more. What does it mean to have a “fun teacher” or a “nice teacher” or an “understanding teacher.” These kids know things. They know really great things. IMG_0432 IMG_0433 IMG_0434 IMG_0435 IMG_0436


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