Quick and Easy Formative Assessment

I found this adorable idea on Pinterest and talked about it on my post about this year’s classroom decorations. This week, I put it into action.

Exit ticket buckets
Exit ticket buckets

At the end of the class, I gave each student a small piece of paper (1/3 of an index card) and asked them to write their name and block on one side. On the other side, I told them to explain or describe one thing they learned today. With my first block, I only said “Tell me one thing you learned” and realized that they just put one word answers and I had no idea what they learned about it. So for second block, I said tell me about. Still, this didn’t give me enough of a targeted response to understand what they knew. I kept trying to build on my directions throughout the day. What I realized is, I may need to give them a more targeted question, such as “explain to me how author’s use characterization in their writing” in order to get the kind of information I need from them.

What I was able to assess is how confident they felt in their knowledge, so all was no lost. I asked them to put it in the bucket which exemplified their understanding of what they learned. That alone was an eye opener. The majority of kids put it in the green bucket, which is great. A few put theirs in the yellow and one kid in the red. Next class, when we continue the activity, I know exactly who I need to go help and who I can let struggle a little more on their own.

Do you have a super cool way that you assess your kids at the end of class? How do you use that info next time you see them? Share in the comments!


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