Integrated Google Apps and Add-ons Making Teacher Life that Much Easier

I’m super excicted that I am finally getting to use my Classroom/Doctopus/Goobric combo to work.

Integrated Apps

These directions by Oli Trussell, Google Certified Teacher and Google Education Trainer, are by far the easiest to follow in order to get any teacher already using Google Classroom set up and moving. This takes only a basic understanding of spreadsheets to create a rubric and integrate the Doctopus and Goobric apps. 


  • When students complete assignments in Google Classroom, their links can be ingested into the spreadsheet and have all of your assignment links in one easy place. Now that Classroom has been integrated, this isn’t as big of an issue as it was previously. In the good old days of Google Docs, organizing student work was a big of a headache. Once students shared with you, finding all of their work and moving to the proper folder by block or period was a nightmare. Classroom has eliminated that issue.
  • Once students have turned in their assignments, the rubric can be embedded graded without having several windows open. The graded rubric is copied at the end of their document with either your typed or voice comments.


  • Students get the feedback of their grade, plus the notes that you leave so they can make revisions.

Rubric at end of document

  • Lastly, all the scores get placed into your spreadsheet along with your comments so that you have a record of what you posted all in one place. No need to go back through their individual documents to see what notes you made.

Easy, peasy. I’m one happy teacher today. How do you use Classroom with other add-ons?


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