Review: Whiteboard Contact Paper

A few months ago, I posted about dry erase contact paper that I had purchased and put on my tables. My intent was to use these in the classroom for students to complete practice activities on or work through problems.

My final vote on these is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Overall, the idea is great. In another content area, they may have been more useful, such as math.

  1. English just doesn’t teach the kind of skills that are conducive to using tabletop white boards for practice. We are annotating, reading, and writing. All things that we want to have in a more permanent format. We can’t annotate a story on our tables or writing our drafts there. I had originally thought brainstorming, but even that didn’t really work out too well.
  2. They aren’t all that sticky. I could never get them to stay on the tables. Kids started picking at them and the edges started rolling up. I used white duck tape to hold down the edges, but the kids picked at those as well. They were ripped and had air bubbles in them.
  3. They just look dirty. When the kids did write on them, they didn’t erase all that well. I had to use spray to get the brown and black smudges off. For someone who likes a clean room, these were like having white couches with pets and kids.

Overall, maybe there is a way to make these more useful, but they were an epic fail in my classroom.



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