Asking Students to Reflect

Throughout the year, I ask students to think about their learning. Not only do I ask them to reflect on the topics, but I ask them to reflect on their work – their effort, their engagement, their behavior. This practice allows them to maintain a growth mindset and make changes when they don’t what they discover. This is modeled after the ways in which teachers should reflect on their own practice before, during and after instruction to ensure they are meeting the students’ needs. In the same way, students can think about their class time and determine if I am meeting their needs and if they are meeting their own needs. This doesn’t come naturally for students and requires some guidance.

As this year crawls to an end, I wanted to give my students a final opportunity to reflect on all they have discussed and learned this year. I’ve adapted the assignment from Site of Sanders to meet my students’ needs for this assignment.

We are just  beginning this assignment, so  I will update the blog as the project is underway, sharing student samples, teacher models, and final products. To see the ways I’ve adapted Sander’s assignments, feel free to check out this Google folder.


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