Crying. Weeping really. #RVANews for Life.

Guys. I’m sad. Not just a little sad, like if someone ate the last cupcake sad. But like real sad. The kind that elicits tears and some minor rocking in my chair asking “why?” over and over and over again.


Yesterday, I found out that RVANews was to be no more. And while I was only with them writing about education for a little bit, I was a reader and an admirer for much longer.

I’m still not sure I believe this is real. Like, I’m 100% positive Ross is going to post soon that he is punking us.

Come on Ross. Tell us the truth. Because this reality just plain sucks. I’m sad that a crucial and relevant small business couldn’t garner the support it needed. I’m wondering how, as a community, we let them down. And I’m more bummed now that RVA will be a little dumber because of it. Dudes. I’m not lying here. We let them down. We didn’t put up when they needed us. What happened there?

So, now, with this tragic event passing us by, all I can do is say thank you to Ross and Susan and the gaggle of writers that poured their hearts and love into making community news a thing we all valued and didn’t know we needed until it ceased to exist. How the hell will I know what is going on in this city? Where will I learn from friends about the best biscuits? Even more than those things, who the hell is going to teach me about things like the BRT? I don’t TRUST anyone else!

This crew…the differ from the rest of the media out there. They helped build this city’s culture and they helped educate the masses. RVA loses today.

I wish we wouldn’t have taken it for granted for so long.

Lastly, thank you to both Susan and Ross for seeing possibility in me.  For giving me a place to talk about a topic I love so much and am so passionate about.

Someone pass me another tissue…




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