Who doesn’t love feedback?


At the end of last school year, as I was reflecting on the end of year surveys I have my students complete, I had a thought. What if students provided me this same kind of feedback throughout the year, instead of at the end of each quarter? Novel idea, right? I don’t know why this hadn’t occurred to me earlier. If students had avenues to provide feedback whenever the idea struck, I could utilize that feedback more than at the end of a unit.

In the past, I had students reflect on their own learning through guided open ended questions. Here is an example of that.

While this provided me valuable info for the next year, I wasn’t getting feedback I could use in the moment, while teaching was still occurring.

Sure, I was still formatively assessing their learning through a variety of avenues, but that isn’t quite the same as feedback.

I wanted low-tech on this one. A way for them to easily, in class, tell me when things were boring, not working, hard, but also when they enjoyed things, felt engaged or felt successful.

Easy solution! I created a “What’s on your mind?” board. Basically, the parking lot idea that teachers have been using for years a formative assessment when students walk out the door, but bigger than that, this was a chance for them to be heard. There was the potential for anonymity, if they so desired. The board is visible to others so they can see when others have similar ideas, and build on their feedback. The kids have really embraced it, letting me know when they think something is boring or they don’t realize the authentic application (ie: the purpose.)

Whats On Your Mind Board.JPG

How do you all solicit feedback from your kiddos?




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